About Gimall Plants


About Gimall Plants
For our customers


The horticultural sector is characterized by an ever-changing range of products that depends on seasons, holidays, etc. In order to always make suitable offers and deliver the best quality at the right price, we strive for a close personal relationship with our customers.

Our webshop, with a range of more than 25,000 plant products, is available to our customers 7/7, 24/7. Interesting and targeted offers are placed online in the form of various lists on a weekly basis.

Every order, processed online or by phone, is checked by your personal sales contact before our purchasing team gets to work. This way we guarantee the personal touch. Thanks to our wide network of suppliers we can easily suggest alternatives where necessary.

The transport of our plants is mainly carried out by our own trucks. On top of that we also work closely with several stable logistic partners who support us throughout the different seasons. We always strive for the shortest possible transport time in order to maintain optimal freshness of the plants.

Furthermore, exporting plants to the UK, Norway, etc. has never been more easy for our clients. We can take care of the phytosanitary documents and all the necessary paperwork for customs. We have invested in a solid digital infrastructure to automate the declaration process and closely follow any new developments to completely unburden our clients of the hassle that import would normally bring.


Our suppliers are undoubtedly just as important as our customers. Thanks to the daily contact, we continue to build on our long-term relationship of trust and we can highlight the right plants at the right time. In addition, our diverse customer base, which spreads across various European markets, offers an attractive sales market with Gimall Plants as a single point of contact.

We also regularly publish our grower visits via our website to put our partners and their range in the spotlight.

For our suppliers
For our employees


At Gimall Plants we stand for an open corporate culture with the focus on team spirit. No strict hierarchy, but 1 team in which each plays its own crucial role. Through close cooperation between the various company branches and the various business links, we create a strong group image towards our customers, suppliers and any future colleagues.

In order to maintain and strengthen good mutual relationships between our employees, we also organize numerous activities on an annual basis, including a team building day, a New Year's party, etc.


The world is working on a healthier planet and we want to support all these efforts where we can. This vision of a greener and healthier environment naturally goes beyond our business. Our goal is to operate climate neutral in the long term in order to reduce our emissions. We also try to do our part where possible by investing in environmentally friendly projects:

• a rainwater well of 20000 liters for a responsible way to water the plants.

• the switch from diesel to plugin HEV and EV commercial vehicles

• larger skylights in the packing hall to save electricity

• solar panels over the entire roof surface

It has been proven that spending time in nature not only improves health but also reduces stress. Our mission is to promote more green in everyone's home and to try to create a healthier living environment!

For our environment


Just over 30 years ago, Gimall Plants began with nothing more than a vision to group and facilitate plant exports. Soon that dream grew into a fast-growing family business with strong values.